Special initiatives

Water Market Europe is the event cycle that Water Europe (WE) has set up to create a unique innovation and business environment, where state of the art water knowledge and research results can meet with market actors within and outside the water sector to create value and new business opportunities.

With a new theme every year, Water Market Europe’s main edition is hosted in spring in Brussels, while one of the regional edition of WME, called Water Market Europe Roadshow, is organized back to back to ECOMONDO.
Water Market Europe Roadshow at ECOMONDO will focus mainly on Mediterranean and Balkan Regions and to a blend of digital, treatment, resource recovery, infrastructures areas.


  • Offering specialized insights on the water market scenario;
  • Supporting water innovative solutions to reach the market;
  • Creating new business opportunities;
  • Combining best-fitting solutions to water management challenges and the needs for investments, enhancing this way the stakeholder network.
  • Matchmaking session to boost business.


Session 1: The Water Market Scenario, Challenges and Opportunities

Session 2: MarketPlace - Presentations of challenges and or solutions by stakeholders (problem owners and solution providers)

Session 3: B2B 1-1 Meetings - Speed Dating & Networking


  1. The opportunity to present companies goals, current practices and water-related technological innovations and/or water management challenges in front of the stakeholders of the water chain;
  2. Scheduled B2B meetings with potential solution providers and problem owners, leading water actors that can deliver state of the art water knowledge and research results and the most innovative technology;
  3. An update of the current and future trends of the water market, with speakers of the sector offering new perspectives and insights.