News 2016

An exhibit at Ecomondo on new materials with advanced performance sourced from urban mines and industrial mines

The idea was to "represent" a turning point in action, which is changing the technical and economic significance of waste, transforming it into a protagonist of the Circular Economy.
Several materials that until recently were only "waste", today may constitute actual supply lines for industries becoming real "urban mines" and "industrial mines".
This is what inspired the exhibition.
We decided that to effectively restore the interest and the novelty of what is happening, we need to show not only what they are today, but also what they could be. We must explain the potential and variety of applications, showing a future where the circular economy can draw upon itself, reducing the impact of the use of natural resources.
What did we decide? To transform these materials into many little "virtual stories".
In these stories, the visitor can interact with the space around them, so that for each material, they can see and understand where it comes from, the processes involved, how it is used today, the environmental, economic and social advantages, and how it could be used tomorrow. 
Everything was put together exclusively in visual and digital format, in a kind of visionary journey through this future.

Subdivision and types
The various materials were divided into four families:

  1. Biomaterials 
    Materials whose renewability is intrinsic because they come from vegetable crops. 
  2. “Classic” 
    Materials that already have a tradition of recycling and industrial use but are currently facing a second generation of developments and applications, such as paper, plastic, wood, glass, aluminium, metals, etc.. 
  3. New Materials
    Items of waste that only now are managed in dedicated plants, for example fishing nets, incinerator ashes, nappies and sanitary towels, or plastic mix.
  4. Trials and start-ups
    These are innovations which show great potential and ample scope for design and invention.