• Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • 10:00 - 17:15
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Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition, ISPRA, TNEC Regions, GNRAC, LEGAMBIENTE

The great development of coastal areas in the last century gave a significant contribution to the economic and social well-being of entire regions and countries. Coastal systems, infrastructures, ports, urban areas, natural areas, are today at the heart of activities related to the sea economy, from marine-coastal tourism to fishing, from maritime transport to trade and the movement of people. But the concentration of settlements and human activities along coastal areas represents in the meantime a major concern today in relation to current climate change and the trend of sea level rise. In this context, in order to pursue the objectives of Blue Growth and seize as an opportunity the challenge of climate change, it is necessary to opportunely change development models, infrastructures design, transformation of coastal urban areas and waterfronts into a logic of adaptation and sustainability, capable on the one hand of contributing to the reduction of climate-altering factors and, on the other hand, to address the effects of climate change in the direction of enhancement of the resilience of coastal systems. The conference intends to give a contribution in shaping the picture of what is already under way in this area and with what perspectives.

Session Chairs

Roberto Montanari, Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee
Edoardo Zanchini, Legambiente (Italian environmental association)
Massimo Gabellini, ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research)
Enzo Pranzini and Lorenzo Cappietti, University of Florence, GNRAC (National Research Group for Coastal Environment issues)


10.00 Institutional introduction

Ilaria Fontana, State Secretary at the Ministry of Ecological Transition with powers on hydrogeological risk, land use, protection of the marine environment and water resources (TBC)

Irene Priolo, Councilor for the Environment, Soil and Coastal Protection, Civil Protection, of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

10.30 S1 - Port facilities and "Green Ports”: Energy and ecological transition, decarbonisation, sustainable sediment management

Chair: Edoardo Zanchini, Legambiente

1. The recovery plan and the policies for “Green Ports”
Giuseppe Catalano, mission unit coordinator by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility;

2.“Green Ports”, the route for sustainable development
Cristiana Biondo, Legambiente (Italian environmental association);

3. Perspectives for the energy and ecological transition of large ports
Antonella Querci, Port System Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea;

4. The Envision Protocol for sustainable infrastructures: characteristics and applications
Lorenzo Orsenigo, President ICMQ;

5. Sustainable sediment management in the ports: application examples of the ejectors’ technology. 
Maurizio Siepi - Trevi SpA, Marco Pellegrini - Industrial Engineering Department, University of Bologna;

11.40 S2 - Urban coastal areas: risks and transformation opportunities risks and opportunities for transformation in terms of sustainability and adaptation 

Chair: Massimo Gabellini, ISPRA; Roberto Montanari, Emilia-Romagna Region

1. Sea level along the Italian coasts in future climate scenarios
Gianmaria Sannino, Head of Climate Modelling and Impacts Laboratory, ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development); 

2. Climate change impact indicators on coastal areas
Francesca Giordano, ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research);

3. Strategies in the Urbanistic Plans of the Emilia-Romagna coast for increasing resilience and adaptation to climate change, within the framework of the Regional Law 24/2017
Roberto Gabrielli, Laura Punzo, Graziella Guaragno - Department of Spatial and Urban Planning, Transports and Landscape, Emilia-Romagna Region;

4. The “Rimini Sea Park"
Anna Montini, University of Bologna, former Assessor of Environment Rimini Municipality;

5. Environmental observations and ecologic restoration in a regulated lagoon: the Venezia case study.
Caterina Dabalà CORILA.

13.15-14.30 Lunch break 

14.30 S3 - Coastal management: Strategies and plans for coast adaptation, Mediterranean and international experiences

Chair: Enzo Pranzini, University of Florence, GNRAC

1. Ecosystem-based management and coastal adaptation, international experiences
Stephen Olsen, Director Emeritus URI Coastal Resources Centre (Rhode Island); (*remote connection)

2. Coastal Areas and management plans in river basins
Maurizio Ferla, Head of the National Centre for Coastal Protection - CNCOS, ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research);

3. The Coastal Plan of the Municipality of Lecce
Rita Miglietta, Assessor of Urban Planning Lecce Municipality;

4. The new ICZM Plan of the Marche Region in its first phase of implementation.
Luigi Ditoallevi e Giorgio Filomena, Marche Region;

5. Coastal adaptation plans according to the ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean
Daria Povh, Croatia PAP/RAC;

15.40 S4 - Knowledge development: Experiences of interventions and of new methods and new technologies in survey activities on the coastal environment

Chair: Lorenzo Cappietti, University of Florence, GNRAC

1. Multidisciplinary approaches to the analysis of coastal systems for a coordinated, cross-border management: challenges and results of the project CHANGE WE CARE.
Davide Bonaldo, CNR-ISMAR, for the CHANGE WE CARE Team

2. Integrated methodology in geognostic investigations for the coastal zone management.
Lorenzo Calabrese, Luisa Perini, SGSS Regione Emilia-Romagna – Annamaria Correggiari, Alessandro Remia, ISMAR-CNR

3. Activities of Tuscany Region for the protection of the coast: coastal monitoring and planning.
Gianfranco Boninsegni, Luigi Enrico Cipriani, Marco Masi, Enrica Mori - Regione Toscana

4. Reconstruction of the coastal dune in San Pietro a Mare, Valledoria Municipality.
Mario Deriu, Regione Sardegna

5. Integrated multibeam survey system and laser scanner on boat: characteristics and use in the management of the coastal environment even in the case of exceptional weather and sea events.
Alessio Lanzone, Antonio Lucarelli - Drafinsub Survey Srl (*remote connection)

17.00 Conclusions
Roberto Montanari, Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee

Interaction with the public: question/answer time at the end of each session