• Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • 10:00 - 13:30
  • Memo
  • Monitoring & Control Room C2 Pav.
  • Italian

Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, ISPRA, Italian Chemical Society, Division of Environmental Chemistry and Cultural Heritage


The Ecomondo Odor Emissions conference (at its eleventh edition) is a flagship event for the community of most important industry and academic players. Researchers, Industry, Public administration and Environmental Agencies exchange their different experiences on a topic that is becoming of great relevance in environmental planning. As usual, the workshop will be opened with an update on the work of national and international technical committees on odor regulations. The following are planned: the interventions of the main public research bodies operating in this sector; the presentation of case studies and best practices by public administrations, control agencies and companies that develop technologies on the topic.

Section Chairs
Gianluigi de Gennaro, University of Bari Aldo Moro
Lucia Muto, ISPRA, Institute for Protection and Environmental Research
Gaetano Settimo, National Institute of Health 


10.00-10.05 Introduction
Gianluigi de Gennaro, University of Bari Aldo Moro

Relazioni ad invito

10.05-10.25 (TBC)

10.25-10.40 Odornet experience
M.Sileno, G.Marchetti – ARPA Marche

10.40-10.50 An update on the activities of the technical tables
T.Zarra - University of Salerno

Relazioni dalla call for papers

10.50-11.00 Results of the modeling elaborations carried out for a civil wastewater treatment plant using the two main modeling systems (Calpuff and Aermod) used for the evaluation of olfactory impact on the territory
L.de Gennaro, M.Cortese, A.Dipalma, F.Dagostino, P.Lagioia, G.Corsini, P.Morisco - Lenviros srl, AQP SpA

11.00-11.10 Influence of wind speed and temperature on the emission of VOCs from liquid surfaces: experimental study on the characterization of passive areal sources
F.Tagliaferri, M. Invernizzi, L. Roveda, S. Sironi - Politecnico di Milano

11.10-11.20 New technologies for the chemical characterization of odorous impacts
A.Filippi, G.Cecchini, A.Frugis, C.Corradi, M.Giannuzzi, M.Spizzirri, L.Merluzzi – Acea SpA

11.20-11.30 Development of a methodology for monitoring odorous impacts in a Citizen environment
A.Filippi, G.Cecchini, A.Frugis, C.Corradi, G.De Prosperis, M.Spizzirri, L.Merluzzi – Acea SpA

11.30-11.40 The management of odor emissions: the Eni Rewind experience at the Cengio site
M.Barompriori, D.D'Emilio, G.Bonfedi, GRepoli, M.Zuppini - Eni Rewind S.p.A

11.40-11.50 Odor monitoring in the CAP Group purifiers: an evolving system
D.Scaglione - Gruppo CAP

11.50-12.00 Occupational risk assessment for examiners involved in olfactometric analyzes
E.Polvara, A.Spinazzè, M.Invernizzi, A.Cattaneo, S.Sironi, D.Cavallo - Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi dell’Insubria

12.00-12.10 Integrated Environmental Authorization: odor monitoring with remotely piloted systems
R.Borghesi, F.Mauro - ISPRA, Ministero della Salute

12.10-12.20 IOMSartec system for continuous monitoring of odors in complex systems
G.L. Pittoni, C.Dettori, M. Castellani, D.Carta - SARTEC Srl

12.20-12.30 Acea Nos - IoT technology at the service of environmental monitoring
F.Cammillozzi, M.Tesan, G.Varani, G.Cecchini, A.Filippi - Acea Spa

12.30-12.40 Preliminary results of the development of correlation algorithms between olfactometry and multiparametric systems
L.de Gennaro, M.Cortese, A.Dipalma, A. Acquafredda, F.Dagostino, M.Amodio, F.La Forgia, P.Lagioia, G.Corsini, P.Morisco - Lenviros srl, AQP SpA

12.40-12.50 New frontiers in the use of IOMS as tools for process control and case studies
C.Bax, S.Prudenza, B.J.Lotesoriere, L.Capelli - Politecnico di Milano

12.50-13.00 End of life tires: how to dispose of them responsibly
U. Mazzanti - CRF

13.00-13.20 Sessione Poster

AQ1 Il problema delle maleodoranze nel comune di Marcianise (CE)
G.Merola, P.Luongo, A.Danisi - ARPA Campania

AQ2 Real time monitoring of natural VOCs emissions of vegetable compost, using SIFT-MS
A.Carretta, M.Campo, A.Romani, T.Vona - SRA Instruments, PHYTOLAB, QuMAP Laboratory, Self-Garden srl

AQ3 Stazione di monitoraggio intelligente per la valutazione della qualità dell'aria e degli odori
G.Stani SRA Instruments

AQ4 Sustainability of culture and culture of sustainability
C.Lo Schiavo

13.20-13.30 Conclusions