• Thursday, November 9, 2023
  • 10:30 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Ravezzi 1 Room South Hall
  • Italian
  • organized by Ecomondo Scientific Techcnical Committee & Utilitalia (Italian federation of energy, water and environmental services)

Waste management operators are facing new challenges in a complex international political and economic context, characterized by great uncertainty and extraordinary increases in the costs of raw materials and energy. In this context, the The Italian Regulatory Authority is preparing to update and integrate the Tariff Method, with the introduction, among other things, of equalization systems connected to compliance with the waste hierarchy, and uniform criteria for limiting arrears. Also on the waste treatment facilities side, while on the one hand the first effects of the regulation of minimum plants are being observed, on the other regulatory changes are expected with the introduction of the first minimum standards of infrastructural services for closing the waste management cycle. The conference aims to bring together various representatives of institutions and industry to analyze the effect of recent regulatory measures on the activity of waste management operators, and evaluate how, in this new context, they will dealing woth the evolution of the sector.

Session Chair

Alessandro Cecchi, Executive Board of Utilitalia, Director of Regulatory Affairs Iren SpA


10.30-10.45 Introduction and coordination by the Chairman     
Alessandro Cecchi, Executive Board of Utilitalia, Director of Regulatory Affairs Iren SpA

10.45-11.00 Governance, management, regulation: snapshots of the national situation
Francesca Mazzarella, Director of Utilitatis

11.00-12.00 Evaluation on the new regulatory measures

Paolo Carta, Director of Regulatory Affairs Utilitalia
Luca Tosto, Assoambiente
Francesco Iacotucci, IFEL consultant for regulation on waste 
Vito Belladonna, Coordinator of technical committee for waste cycle, ANEA (National Association of Area Government Bodies for Water and Waste)

12.00-12.45 Panel discussion: stakeholders' point of view on new regulatory measures

Moderator: Luca Mariotto, Director of Environment Office of Utilitalia

Marco Ravazzolo, Environment, Energy and Mobility Policy Director of Confindustria
Nicola Ciolini, Vice President of Alia S.p.A
Pietro D’Alema, Managing Director of Silea S.p.A
Paolo Pate, President of AMIU Puglia

12.45-13.00 Conclusions
Lorenzo Bardelli, Director of Environment Division of Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment