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Conferences and workshops from 7th to 10th November at Rimini Expo Centre on the major innovations connected with the circular economy

.Rimini, 23rd June 2017 . Two hundred conferences, over a thousand speakers: once again this year Ecomondo - from 7th to 10th November 2017 at Rimini Expo Centre, under the banner of IEG (Italian Exhibition Group), along with Key Energy - offers a wide program of conferences and workshops, aimed at presenting the main innovation connected with the adoption of the circular economy.

The busy calendar of events is proposed by the Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee, chaired by Professor Fabio Fava, in collaboration with associations, universities, research institutes, Italian and European institutions, and will cover issues connected with the entire green economy universe (waste, alternative raw materials, wastewater treatment, remediation, bioeconomy). Some advance news follows.

On the first day, Tuesday 7th November, talk will be on the close connection between the environment and health, at a seminar organized in collaboration with the University of Brescia (CeTAmb Lab) and UNESCO, during which the focus will be on appropriate technologies for the management of wastewater and waste in the countries with limited resources.

Following the success of the first edition, once again this year the Global Water Expo section will highlight the most innovative contents regarding the knowledge and applications of the water industry. The flagship event, scheduled for the morning of Wednesday 8th November, will be dedicated to ´Digital instruments in the water sector´, i.e. digital solutions, including those of industry 4.0 (the Internet of things), for optimizing the water sector. The meeting, coordinated by Professor Francesco Fatone, is organized by the Ecomondo Scientific Committee, in collaboration with Utilitalia and draws inspiration from the innovative action at European level of Intcatch which, in the context of the Horizon 2020 project, aims at radically changing the way in which water resources are monitored and managed. The case study in Italy for the innovative Intcatch solutions is the Lake Garda basin.

This year Ecomondo will also host a new space dedicated to hydrogeological instability and the prevention of climatic risks. There will therefore be no lack in the conference calendar of events on these issues, such as the event entitled ´From floods and landslides new opportunities for Italy´ (Tuesday 7th November) which will open with an overview of risk distribution in Italy, organized by ISPRA.

An important conference will be organized along with the Ministry for Economic Development and SPRING Cluster which will discuss in depth the issue of Italy´s strategy on the bioeconomy (´The bioeconomy in Italy:
the new strategy and cases of excellence´, Tuesday 7th November).

Organized by ISPRA, CIC and the European Compost Network the XIX Edition of the National Conference on Composting and Anaerobic Digestion of organic waste (Thursday 9th November) with an overview of the sector´s data.

Discussions are also continuing with municipal waste management experience built up in the major capitals and medium-sized European towns, Municipal waste management in urban areas: comparing international experiences in the perspective of circular economy, organized by Utilitalia, scheduled for Wednesday 8th November. The application of the concepts of circular economy in urban contexts will be the topic of the in-depth event entitled Circular & Smart Cities (8th November).

With the collaboration of the Association for the Recovery of Electrical and Electronic Equipment ASSORAEE (FISE UNIRE) and Italy´s WEEE Coordination Centre there will be the WEEE Forum . target: 45 out of 100 (Thursday 9th November). By the end of 2016, Italia should have collected 45 kilos of WEEE for every 100 kilos of EEE put on the market. What´s the situation?

There will be numerous other qualified opportunities for meetings and in-depth discussions on the 7th and 8th November, in the context of States General of the Green Economy, organized the National Council of the Green Economy, made up of 64 green business organizations, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development and the technical support of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, chaired by Edo Ronchi.

The complete program, constantly updated, can be viewed using the link

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