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At Sustainable City the proposals at the service of the new needs of the population

.Rimini, 31st October 2018 . The most futuristic scenarios of the cities of the future will once again be at the centre of Ecomondo, the expo organized by Italian Exhibition Group from 6th to 9th November 2018 at Rimini Expo Centre, closely linked with Key Energy, the Exhibition of Sustainable Energy and Mobility, held simultaneously in the expo centre´s halls.

Recent statistics (for example the 2017 Smart City Index) how that, in spite of the fact that there is a considerable availability of new technologies, in Italy the level of adoption of functions and smart services needs to speed up. The index, which regards over 500 cities worldwide, show Copenhagen in first place, followed by Singapore, Stockholm, Zurich and Boston.

At Ecomondo and Key Energy, in the Sustainable City platform . the meeting place par excellence for public administrations, companies, study and research centres . the economy circular will be the key source of inspiration of the most proposals innovative that will take shape along the exhibition route and the busy program of meetings, seminars and workshops.

Among the key focuses, the one that puts the topic of the population´s health at the centre of discussions. On Wednesday 7th November, (Circular) Economicity and Health: drivers for innovation in cities, by Professor Gian Marco Revel (Università Politecnica delle Marche) of the Ecomondo technical scientific Committee, will be the opportunity for discussing new urban management schemes, i.e. strategies that by means of circular economy practices, thanks also to the use of Big Data, can lead to an improvement in the population´s living conditions and the environment, with the final goal of improving health an economy.
Some examples: 415 million people in the world live with diabetes; two thirds of them live in cities, a figure that should rise to three quarters by 2040. Another key issue is that of nutrition: too little time for cooking and eating non-healthy food lead to an increase in over-weight and obesity. Lastly, air pollution due to traffic is linked with the increased risk of death due to respiratory and cardiac causes.

It is therefore necessary to reconsider cities in such as way that these problems can be mitigated, reducing important costs for citizens and the community. The circular economy, considered beyond recycling and re-use, can be an important driver: for example, circular economy schemes applied to mobility can help to reduce these pathologies, as well as cutting energy consumption.

Cities must also be close top the population, which is getting older: in 2050, 2 billion people will be 60, an increase of 10% in the elderly population compared to the present day, and many of them will live in cities. For this population, innovative models of analysis of the behaviour data in their homes are being developed and experimented, to optimize the provision of the services which they require, integrating socio-sanitary assistance with necessities connected with the home. This will also be talked about in Rimini, presenting the results of an important experiment in Oderzo in the province of Treviso.

The panel of speakers is really important.
Carol Lemmens, Global Advisory Services Leader, ARUP Group. ARUP is currently developing projects of primary interest in this field all over the world, with highly innovative futuristic visions.
Andrea Lenzi, a famous doctor, lecturer at Rome´s La Sapienza University and President of the Healthy City Institute, is the promoter of important initiatives for rethinking cities considering health, recently also supported by the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. Ex-minister Francesco Profumo (Turin Polytechnic, President of the Compagnia di San Paolo), who has worked for years on the issue of smart cities, as well as institutional representatives of the Municipalities of Milan and Cremona.

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