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.The ´beacon events´ at the European expo of circular economy organized by Italian Exhibition Group focus in the hottest issues: developments in the circular economy, Mediterranean Sea and Blue Economy, innovation 4.0 and packaging, sustainable management of water, biogas, soil regeneration

Rimini Expo Centre, 5-9 November

Rimini, 3rd November 2019 . The ´Beacon Conferences´, will outline the main slant of the scientific contents of Ecomondo 2019, the most important European expo dedicated to the circular economy, being held at Rimini expo centre from November 5th to 8th, organized by Italian Exhibition Group. The program of events (over 150, about a thousand speakers), prepared by the Scientific Committee chaired by Professor Fabio Fava, will set the pace for the expo days with in-depth focuses on all the topics, the scientific, applicative and normative aspects that regard the great driver of the circular economy.

´The circular economy, an issue on which Ecomondo has concentrated for several years, has now become the great topics of the nation, of Europe and of the continents´, Fabio Fava explains. ´The process leading to the new model is being defined and adopted on the various continents, but it is necessary to maintain a long-term outlook that only a place for meeting and networking like Ecomondo can ensure: side by side, the event hosts contents of research and innovation, regulations and policy, and top grade international industrial experiences are presented, along with real opportunities for financing.´

Entirely dedicated to the circular economy, the scenario of the next twenty years and new trends, the beacon event scheduled for Wednesday 6th November (2:00 pm) is entitled Circular economy: the 21st-century economic paradigm to redefine growth and development, organized by the Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee along with Intesa San Paolo Innovation Center.
Italy is the European country with the highest circularity index: 103 points, ahead of the United Kingdom (90) and Germany with 88 points (Source: Circular Economy Network). The conference will focus attention on instruments, processes and financial models useful for facilitating the replanning of the industrial ecosystem in line with the paradigm of circular economy.
Then on 7th November (10:00 am), with the event Circular economy good practices: panel of the Italian circular economy stakeholders platform (ICEP), in collaboration with ENEA, the objectives achieved by the Italian platform for the circular economy (ICESP) founded in 2018 will be presented. ICESP promotes knowledge on national circular economy by means of a process for disseminating Italian excellence and the Italian way of running a circular economy.
A series of events organized by the Executive Agency of the European Commission, EASME (Executive Agency for SME), on the other hand, on Thursday 7th November will run through the projects and action supported and financed at European level in the sectors of Sustainable Mobility (approximately 180 projects are financed by means of the LIFE project for sustainable transport, for approximately 350 million euros), Food Waste, Sustainable Construction (buildings absorb 40% of the energy used in Europe) and on the issue of Plastic Management (in Europe 25.8 million tons of plastic waste is produced annually, of which only 30% is collected and sent to be recycled).
The topic of plastic, following the European Strategy adopted in 2018 and the consequent Italian Strategy, will once again this year be at the centre of an ample program of meetings at Ecomondo.
On Wednesday 6th November (10:00 am), the important conference entitled The Italian strategy for plastic, organized by the Ministry for the Environment.
What are the most evident innovation drivers revolutionizing the packaging world? This question will be answered by the beacon event scheduled for 7th November entitled The future of the design of sustainable packaging. Heading to a permanent observatory on packaging innovation. A real revolution is under way in the packaging world, including design, logistic processes, new raw materials and energy saving. The conference will try to map current practices and imagine the future of various situations, in response to the legislative guidelines and the changes under way in the ecosystem at global level.
The Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee, Legambiente, Corepla, IPPR, Associazione Mediterranea Acquacoltori, the University of Siena and Bluemed have set an appointment on Friday 8th November to sum up the situation on Marine Litter and Blue Economy, impacts and solutions from the world of fishing and aquaculture.
On 7th November, on the same issue, there will be the event A Plastic-free healthy Mediterranean Sea: the BLUEMED R&I Pilot intends presenting the actions of the European and south Mediterranean have fielded to monitor, prevent and mitigate marine litter in the area, where plastic is found in quantities four times that found in the Atlantic.

For the Circular Bioeconomy, large Italian enterprises in the world vanguard in the sector of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics have been key players at Ecomondo for some time.
On the other hand, European research and innovation for the implementation of circular economy and bioeconomy is the title of the beacon event organized in collaboration with the OCSE and the European Commission, for Friday 8th November (10:00 am) and in which participants will include OCSE representative James Philps, as well as members of the Ecomondo Scientific Committee Francesco Fatone (Marches Polytechnic) and Mauro Majone (La Sapienza University).

Circular Economy for the definition of a sustainable and integrated Blue Growth Strategy is the beacon event, scheduled for the entire day of Thursday 7th November (from 10 am) round a sector of bioeconomy that is growing rapidly and which Ecomondo has spotlighted for several years: that of the so-called ´Blue growth´, the economy of the sea: in Europe it has an annual value of approximately 0.5 trillion euros. Participants will include plenipotentiary minister Enrico Granara and the first representatives of the Blue Growth technological cluster and the Mazara del Vallo Fishing District. The objective is to stimulate the development of the circular nature of the Blue economy in the Mediterranean basin by means of cooperation.
The focus will again be on the Mediterranean at the event on the 7th November, to report on the initiative A Plastic-free healthy Mediterranean Sea: the BLUEMED R&I Pilot. Whereas We are Med: challenge for a sustainable Mediterranean on 8th November will end the cycle of beacon events dedicated to ´mare nostrum´, to illustrate the program of transnational cooperation INTERREG MED 2014-2020 which involves the public national and regional institutions of 12 countries, from Portugal to Cyprus, examining the need to strengthen the governance instruments in strategic fields for the Mediterranean (tourism, marine surveillance, environment and innovation).

The expo section of Global Water Expo, in collaboration with Utilitalia, is constantly growing and, alongside it, there is a series of very high profile scientific meetings, prepared by Professor Francesco Fatone (Marches Polytechnic University), responsible for the ´water´ area on the Ecomondo Technical-Scientific Committee. At this edition of Global Water Expo, it will be again be possible to obtain close-up knowledge of the evolution of the innovation projects in the water sector co-financed by the European Commission, on Tuesday 5th November during the meeting entitled Water reuse in agriculture, sustainable irrigation and nature managed water cycle in the new European framework.

New technology is the fundamental pilaster for realizing circular economy programs. Ecomondo keeps attention concentrated on industry 4.0 with the conference Industry 4.0 to optimize the management and use of waste, the beacon event of 6th November. The conference will highlight innovative solutions and public and private financial instruments which contribute to speeding up the implementation of the technology enabling to increase the sector´s efficiency, flexibility and economic and financial sustainability. On this topic, the analysis of products´ life cycles is of key importance and, thanks to the possibility of tracing their individual processing, via networks of sensors that transmit data to be processed and shared in clouds, it is possible to optimize them, favouring an integrated approach to the flow of material along the chains for managing and exploiting waste.

On Thursday 7th November (2:00 pm Reclaim Expo Room Hall C3), the important conference entitled Technological developments from characterization to reclamation and emerging contaminants: recent developments in national and international applied research organized by Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee
In recent years, scientific research has enabled significant improvement in the understanding of the dynamics of contamination, a fundamental basis for the development of appropriate technology for both the characterization and the remediation of polluted sites Traditional techniques for characterization are now accompanied by new technology, certainly much less invasive, which, by exploiting advanced sensors, allow a more accurate identification and delimitation of active secondary sources, solving one of the great limitations for achieving the objectives. Chair: Marco Petrangeli Papini, La Sapienza University, Rome.

Soil is a resource that is not renewable and has many fundamental functions for maintaining life on Earth and absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Nevertheless, 33% of today´s soil is degraded and affected by salinization, compaction, chemical pollution by acidification and depletion of nutrients.
On Wednesday 6th November, Ecomondo is hosting the event Soil regeneration: bioeconomy as an opportunity to increase the organic matter and to reduce CO2 emissions, which will analyze how the bioeconomy can play a key role in protecting soil, decarbonising the economy and creating new income opportunities and a symbiotic society, ensuring an efficient use of resources.

This year, the issue of biogas will also be one of the big players at Ecomondo. On Wednesday 6th November, Ecomondo will host the XXI Conference on Composting and Anaerobic Digestion organized by the Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee, Ispra, CIC and the European Compost Network. At the heart of the conference, which has become an established appointment for the sector, there will be the ´compost system´ and the quality of products obtained from the recovery/recycling of organic waste. Lastly, the program also includes the national event of the national technological platform for Biogas, which will present the objectives achieved and the sector´s national and European prospects.

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