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Press release n. 16 of the 05/11/2019 9.14.07 ( download )

.Italian Exhibition Group, at the Rimini Expo Centre, has reached excellent levels with its activity of source-segregated waste collection.
In 2018, of the 1,800 tons of waste produced, 71% was sent to be recycled

Rimini, 3rd November 2019 - Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) - listed in the MTA section of the Italian stock exchange, leader in Italy for the organization of expo events and one of the major players in the trade fair and conference sector at European level, with its Rimini and Vicenza venues - has been ´green´ since 1996 when this topic was not yet in the spotlight. Sustainable strategies and activities, best practices and responsible venue management are the feather in the cap of IEG.

IEG is one of the world´s first trade fair providers to be part of UNITED NATIONS Global Compact (UNGC), the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, promoted by the UN. Italian Exhibition Group also has OHSAS 18001 health and safety certification.

Italian Exhibition Group, in the Rimini expo centre in which from 5th to 8th November it is organizing ECOMONDO and KEY ENERGY, has reached excellent levels with its source-segregated waste collection activity. In 2018, of the 1,800 tons of waste produced, 71% was sent to be recycled. A percentage that is 3% above the regional average and almost 5% compared to the provincial one . all excellent levels on the Italian scenario . and just a step away from the ambitious target set by the PRGR (Regional waste management plan): 73% within 2020.

More in detail, the main materials recovered and sent to be recycled were: 161 tons of plastic, 65 of glass, 140 of carpet, 290 paper and cardboard, 25 of cans and 620 of wood.

As well as the 71% figure, certified by Sogliano Ambiente, the company commissioned by IEG to remove the waste from the expo centre and then proceed with its separation, a new on-site activity has now been added.

In fact, at Ecomondo 2019, a pilot project will be launched that foresees the waste being separated already at the expo centre, and involves the entire venue, starting with the food service facilities, through the halls to the conference area and the outdoor zones of the centre.

A project that features the total involvement of Summertrade, the company controlled by IEG that is responsible for catering services and will distribute plates, glasses, napkins, cutlery and food containers that are disposable and compostable.

The reorganization of the waste management, moving the separation process from the Sogliano Ambiente site to the expo centre, is intended to communicate expo visitors a message of responsibility, inviting them to get fully involved, also by mean of messages displayed in the food service venues.

As far as the collection of organic waste is concerned, at the beginning of every expo, each exhibitor will be provided a roll of compostable Materbi bags (in collaboration with Novamont), which will be removed directly from the stands at the end of each day.

In the same way, in sync with the project, the waste collection points at the expo centre will be reorganized.

The activity that IEG will inaugurate at Ecomondo 2019 will become part of its solid tradition of best practices, which go from the columns for recharging electric vehicles, to the photovoltaic panels on all the halls´ roofs with an overall annual production of 7 million kw/h, which make the expo centre ´self-sufficient´, the use of condensing boilers, LED lighting, recirculating water fountains, through to the ´ice bank´, a system that produces cooling power at night and uses it during the day for air-conditioning in the hot months.

The entire expo centre, which as UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification, is managed from a green point of view, paying particular attention precisely to waste management.