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The events of Italian Exhibition Group, reference platforms for green technologies and renewable energies, will organize meetings on hot topics with their Think Tanks, approaching the next editions in attendance, from October 26th to 29th at the Rimini expo centre
The first digital green week will open with the presentation of the third report on the circular economy in Italy promoted as part of the Circular Economy Network. We will then discuss sustainable agriculture and green hydrogen and natural gas with the main associations
Rimini, March 11th 2021 . Ecomondo and Key Energy compasses of the market, thanks to a series of meetings on ´hot´ issues closely linked to the ecological transition and the energy transition that will have to start in our country with the concrete declination of NEXT GENERATION EU: circular bioeconomy, circular economy, agriculture sustainable, hydrogen and efficiency, energy communities and many more.
Approaching the physical edition (to be held at the Rimini expo centre from October 26th to 29th), the two events of Italian Exhibition Group launch a ´road map´ that will accompany companies in the world of green technologies and renewable energy in the coming months to deepen, with a targeted path, the new scenarios that are emerging in the business of sustainability.
They will do so with a ´Digital Green Weeks´ program developed by the prominent members of the Scientific Committees (chaired for Ecomondo by Professor Fabio Fava and for Key Energy by Professor Gianni Silvestrini), which will propose meetings structured by topics, linked to the most strictly topical.
Under the banner of ´Leading the ecological transition´ for Ecomondo and ´Driving the energy transition´ for Key Energy, the green weeks will start from March 23rd to 25th with the ´Green Revolution & Energy Transition Week´.
Tuesday the 23rd, from 10 to 12 am, Ecomondo will give space to the National Conference of Circular Economy of the Circular Economy Network, with the presentation of the third report on the circular economy in Italy, based on the assessment of Italy´s circularity performance in the European context. At the same time, for Key Energy, ´The hydrogen economy´, curated by H2IT and Cluster GreenTech, with a meeting on the state of the art and strategic development plans which will be followed, in the afternoon, by session B with examples and supply chain projects starting in Italy. From 2.30 pm, however, Ecomondo will propose a session on the incentives of the energy transition, a lever for the energy efficiency of the Public Administration.

Wednesday 24th, from 10 to 12 am, FREE Coordination and Future Electricity will lead a reflection on electricity and digitalization for the transition. From 3.30 pm, Life Magis on ´The green side of Made in Italy´ promoted by ENEA. At 3 pm, Key Energy proposes a meeting organized by Kyoto Club and Legambiente on the first budgets and possible scenarios of the 100% Ecobonus. Finally, on Thursday 25 March, in the morning the CIB will inform about sustainable agriculture and ecological transition. FIRE, on the other hand, will focus on efficient industry and digitalization for energy efficiency in SMEs. ANEV will conclude with an important launch of the extraordinary communication campaign in support of the wind sector.
Second ´digital green week´ from April 27th to 29th. The theme: ´Sustainable City & Low Carbon Economy´. It will be an opportunity to talk about green packaging, green innovation, sanitation, green financing tools, urban regeneration. And, in terms of energy, smart cities: Circular cities, LPT and urban green infrastructures, security, lighting, digitization, monitoring, 5G, utilities.
Third appointment, from May 18th to 20th. It is the week of the ´Blue Economy E-Mobility´. On the plate, the themes of Eco design, plastic-textile supply chains, WEEE, bioenergy, green ports, marine litter, hydrogeological instability and reforestation, green transport and logistics. For E-mobility we will talk about charging infrastructures, fleets and company cars, commercial vehicles and the related practical and fiscal advantages. And, again, long-term rental and vehicle to grid.
From June 8th to 10th, fourth week on ´Climate Change & Environmental Protection Week´. Focused on World Environment Day, the edition of Ecomondo Brazil virtual will also be hosted, with a series of events aimed at the Brazilian market in collaboration with ICE AGENCY defense of soil and biodiversity, redevelopment of abandoned areas. For renewable energies: of the World Wind Day, of energy communities and photovoltaic. A preview of the Energy Strategy Group study will anticipate the reflections on the repercussions of the new national plan in terms of growth and job development
Finally, from September 21st to 23rd, ´Next generation EU Road to Ecomondo & Key Energy Physical Edition´. Topical issues such as those of the Pre-Cop26 dedicated to young people, with the Green Symposium in Naples on September 28th-30th and the preview of the next edition of Ecomondo and Key Energy, in attendance at the Rimini fair, from October 26th to 29th. For Key Energy we will talk about storage: technological innovations and new solutions and other energy storage systems with a focus on the world of finance linked to the energy transition. According to many analysts, in fact, in the coming years the returns of funds and financial instruments linked to the energy transition could attract many investors and have explosive growth, probably even much higher than the already excellent performance of the so-called ´green investments´ of recent years.
The green digital weeks are organized thanks to strategic partnerships with some of the main associations that sit on the technical-scientific board of the two IEG events. Among these: AIDI, ANEV, ANIE, ANPAR, ASSTRA, CIB, CIC, Clust-ER Greentech, National Technological Cluster of Green Chemistry SPRING, CONAI - CNR - Institute on Atmospheric Pollution (CNR-IIA), European Commission, Italian Consortium Biogas, Free Coordination, Ecohitech, Edizioni Ambiente, Elettricità Futura, ENEA, ERION, FIRE, Fise, Assoambiente, Fise Unire, Sustainable Development Foundation, GSE, H2IT, Ises Italia, ISWA International, Italia Solare, Kyoto Club, Legambiente, Solar Europe , Unem, UNIDO, Utilitalia, Wind Europe and with the support of AGENZIA ICE and MAECI.
Other important partners are still defining their participation.

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