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At the appointments scheduled for this week the Italian Exhibition Group expos outline the new scenarios of the ecological transition and highlight business opportunities in green technologies and renewables.
On the run-up to the live editions in October 2021.

Rimini (Italy) 11th May 2021 - With the aim of supporting companies´ foreign business, favouring the development of an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem, numerous initiatives get under way this week in which the key players are Ecomondo and Key Energy (26-29 October 2021, Rimini expo centre, Italy), the expo events of Italian Exhibition Group, leader in green technologies and renewable energies.

Things start with the ´Business Day Italy´, organized on Wednesday 12th May by the Netherlands Embassy in Italy under the banner of green investments and a valuable exchange of know-how between the sector´s industry members and entrepreneurs.

Then, from May 18th to 20th, there is the third Digital Green Week, with a particularly busy focus addressing the international scenarios.

Circular cities, e-commerce, healthy aging, water, bioeconomy: these and other important issues will form the leitmotif of the ´Business Day Italy´ during which Ecomondo and Key Energy will present an insight on business opportunities, the development of green economy in Italy and the countless possibilities for networking. Therefore a foretaste of the wide range of know-how and expertise that companies and trade members will be able exchange with the return to live expos at the 24th edition of Ecomondo and the 14th edition of Key Energy at Rimini expo centre.

The impact of the pandemic in Italy has led to greater digitalization and attention to green investments in a country that was already a leader in the climate sector. For the coming decade, Next Generation EU is therefore Italy´s great opportunity for development and, with the creation of the new Ministry for Ecological Transition, the Italian government will focus attention on the fulfilment of the objectives established in the PNRP. In fact, approximately 40% of the 210 billion euros provided by Next Generation EU will be allocated to ecologic transition and digitalization of the manufacturing system and public administration.

Therefore, from 18th to 20th May, the third appointment of Ecomondo and Key Energy with the ´Digital Green Weeks´, organized by the authoritative members of the Scientific Committees (chaired for Ecomondo by Professor Fabio Fava and for Key Energy by Professor Gianni Silvestrini), will ensure a true Think Tank on hot topics closely linked with ecological transition and energy transition.

With the third digital green week, there will be international focuses on the blue economy and e-mobility which feature several high-profile appointments that will be held in English: on Wednesday 19th May, at 3:00 pm, ´Composting and Carbon Sequestration in soil recognizing the potential in the climate debate´, ´AVERE - The European Association for Electromobility´, whereas on Thursday 20th May ´The Manta boat, a green and smartship in service of ocean depollution´.

In the context of Ecomondo, the speakers at the first appointment on the topic of composting and carbon sequestration in soil will include David Newman, Managing Director, European Circular Bioeconomy Policy Initiative, Jane Gilbert, Carbon Clarity UK, Massimo Centemero Vice President, European Compost Network; for the composting associations, participants will be Jenny Grant, REA UK, Susan Antler, Compost Council Canada, Frank Franciosi, US Compost Council, Alberto Confalonieri, Technical Director. CIC Italy, Peter Olah, National Executive Officer, AORA Australia. Whereas for Key Energy, on the same day, there will be the international webinar AVERE - The European Association for Electromobility on the current situation and the progress of the AFID (Alternative Fuels Directive) with the participation of Baerte Debrey, Chief International Officer - VP AVERE at Elaad, Xavier Moreau, Chair, EV task force of smartEn at Nuvve, Thomas Neumann, Policy Officer at AVERE.

This will be followed, on Thursday 20th May, by Frédéric Silvert, Technical Director of The SeaCleaners, who will present Manta, the first factory ship integrating avant-garde technology to collect, treat and valorise large quantities of marine plastic waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Propelled by renewable energies, the Manta embodies a new way of taking action to safeguard the oceans.

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