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Bologna University and Italian Exhibition Group: the Advanced Training School is born for ecological transition, addressing enterprises, organizations and associations

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The agreement inked between the Expo organizer and the University,
has resulted in a course and important training initiatives for enterprises and professionals
ready to grasp the business´s sustainable revolution, with e-learning and in-person activities in the context of Ecomondo (26-29 October, Rimini Expo Centre).
All the IEG´s industrial chains and the conference area involved

Bologna-Rimini (Italy), 14th July 2021 - The University of Bologna and IEG - Italian Exhibition Group . have signed a three-year agreement to collaborate in an in-depth manner on the issue of the Circular Economy, currently very topical and of strategic importance.

The context of the agreement includes the organization of an Advanced Training School for Ecological Transition addressing enterprises, organizations and associations promoted by Ecomondo - Italian Exhibition Group and directed by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with Rete Ambiente.

The initiative is strategic, from the point of view of the sustainable revolution of business that will run across Italy´s economy in an increasingly in-depth manner, and targets all those professionally involved in the innovation of the circular economy, starting with the managers and directors, through to administrators, technicians, consultants and operators. In particular, the School addresses players such as waste, sustainability and energy managers, but also quality managers, HR, marketing, and tender managers, facility managers, compliance legal affairs, in other words all those professionals involved in the turning point in sustainability.

UNIBO Rector Francesco Ubertini states, ´In recent years, the circular economy and ecological transition have been at the centre of numerous national and international projects, in close collaboration with the enterprises. Also regarding educational facilities, these topics are increasingly featured on our courses, with an approach that combines interdisciplinarity and innovation. We are therefore very pleased to launch this Advanced Training School, in collaboration with IEG and other institutional and entrepreneurial bodies, with whom we have established interaction, in particular thanks to the experience of Ecomondo.´

IEG President Lorenzo Cagnoni says, ´Ecological transition is currently the necessary direction as well as the most valuable goal. Thanks to our company´s lengthy experience and international relations, built up not only in 23 editions of Ecomondo, but in the entire green concept of our expo and conference facilities and our organization, we are ready to make our business contribution to companies and all the industry members and professionals who intend investing in the Circular Economy.´

The Advanced Training School for Ecological Transition is part of a project launched approximately a year ago by the University, to respond to the numerous requests for continuous training received from companies, which foresees the possibility of co-planning and realizing single courses or more in-depth programs, tailor-made to meet enterprises´ necessities, in particular those of SMEs.
The course will last eight weeks, from 15th October to 10th December 2021, and will be divided into four thematic two-week units. The 128 hours of training activity will have the aim of integrating various fields of knowledge and developing new means of guiding corporate strategies towards innovative sustainable development in the major industries.
During the next edition of Ecomondo and Key Energy at Rimini Expo Centre (26-29 October 2021), face-to-face activities are also planned, to create opportunities for cultural and operational integration between the expo and the university.

The School´s board: as well as director Fabrizio Passarini, Associate Professor . ´Toso Montanari´ Department of Industrial Chemistry, the Scientific Committee includes Alessandra Astolfi, Group Exhibition Manager IEG, Alessandro Bratti, General Director, Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), Giovanni De Santi, management, ´Sustainable Resources´ - Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Fabio Fava, Professor - Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering, Director, Centre Interdepartmental Alma Mater Institute on Healthy Planet, Alma Mater Studiorum . University of Bologna, and Paola Ficco, environmental jurist, editor of the magazine ´Rifiuti-Bollettino di informazione normativa´.

The initiative has the support of: CONAI, CIB, CIC, GRUPPO CAP, NOVAMONT, ISPRA, GARC, FORUM FINANZA SOSTENIBILE, FANTOZZI&ASSOCIATI, CONOU, ERION as Support Partners particularly sensitive to the issues of training and always to the fore alongside Ecomondo to favour its growth and strengthening as the European platform for green innovation.

Media Partner of the Advanced Training School for Ecological Transition is press agency Adnkronos.

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