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In the purpose-built Innovation Arena, 32 start-ups and scale-ups selected by Italian Exhibition Group, ART-ER and ITA. From 26th to 29th October at IEG´s Rimini Expo Centre, creativity meets the Green Economy supply chain.

Rimini, 21st October 2021 . Between creativity and necessity, Ecomondo and Key Energy give space to the world redesigned by Italian Green Economy start-ups. And so, from a rubbish bin, secondary raw materials can be obtained at home from waste sorted by artificial intelligence, while other fractions of waste can be used to produce electricity. In agricultural fields ploughed by lithium battery powered vehicles, production is controlled from smartphones, while sports fields will have tracks made from the soles of sports shoes. 100% textile fibres can be recovered from old clothes and turned into design objects at the customer´s request. Lastly, in tourist towns, public toilets made of hemp fibre and powered by solar panels can be moved, on wheels, to wherever they are needed.

Imagination, technological skills and the drive to realize solutions for the circular economy and renewable energy combine with IoT technologies that improve the quality of life and reduce environmental impact. These are the characteristic features of the start-ups selected by Italian Exhibition Group together with ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and ART-ER (Territorial Attractiveness Research), a Consortium Company in Emilia-Romagna. 21 start-ups for the technological sectors at Ecomondo and 12 for Key Energy will be exhibiting in the ´Start-Up and Scale-Up Innovation´ area in the South Hall at Rimini Expo Centre from 26th to 29th October to meet investors or industrial partners. Four of these, Let It, a benefit corporation in Rimini, Andaco . Ekoplastic from Perugia, Re Learn from Turin, respectively engaged in environmental preservation and smart waste collection, and LIF Energy from Rome, which has developed software to calculate the cost of producing green hydrogen from renewable sources, were founded in 2021.

In the section on technologies for the smart management and recovery of urban or industrial waste, in addition to Andaco - Ekoplastic and Re Learn, Ecomondo will also feature Milan-based Frieco, a benefit corporation that offers several solutions for shredding and even boasts a patent, Grycle with its smart bin for separating waste, and More for the Planet, which has a patent for the treatment of industrial waste. Then there will be start-ups from Emilia-Romagna: Eso Recycling in Rimini, which transforms old jogging shoes into flooring for athletics, Zero3 from Ravenna, which makes sensors to capture gas, and Basca from Modena, which washes industrial tanks using machines. Veneto region start-ups will include 9-Tech from Venice and K-INN Tech from Padua, respectively involved in the dismantling of photovoltaic systems while the spin-off from Padua University works with catalysts to reduce gaseous pollutants. Wizard from Ancona compacts waste inside companies, saving space and performance, while Nazena from Trento and Futuredata from Genoa give new life to textile and electronic waste respectively. Lastly, Prague-based Cyrkl. For the Agrifood section, Agricolus from Perugia and Algaria from Milan. For solutions in the bio-economy field, BOW from Naples and Nabiotech from Brescia. KiRa Technology from Cesena has created domestic micro-generators using biomass and NTA Technical Solutions from Turin provides low-water consumption services for industrial cleaning.

In addition to LIF Energy, the section on solar energy and storage, again in the South Hall, will include i-TES from Turin, which produces phase change batteries, Sunspeker, which builds charging stations for electric vehicles, and eGreen Chain from Macerata, which provides consultancy services for system installations. As for digital monitoring systems, Rimini Expo will host R4 from Brescia and Spartan Tech from Milan, which respectively monitor and manage the waste cycle. On the energy efficiency front, in attendance Milan-based Ener2crowd, which uses a platform to bring together supply and demand for green investment funds, and IOOTA-Jarvis, which applies IoT to buildings in Bologna. For micro-mobility, FB Innovation - Pin Bike in Bari. Mugo, from Milan, has developed software that estimates the carbon footprint of our lifestyles. Rost, from Macerata, has developed a lithium-powered 4.0 tiller suitable for greenhouses, while Beeing from Ravenna, has created urban observation beehives to prevent bees from becoming extinct.

Some of these companies have been selected to take part in the ´Start-Up for Climate 2021 Award´ organised by Italy for Climate and STEP Tech Park, in collaboration with Ecomondo and Key Energy, and dedicated to Italian start-ups committed to combating climate change. The prize, which goes to the most innovative, effective and promising project for achieving Italy´s climate neutrality - in terms of CO2 reduction and transition towards a low-emission society - will be awarded on Thursday 28th at 11:30 am on the stage in the South Hall.

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