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SA.LVE: the urban hygiene vehicle biennial returns, in collaboration with ANFIA in a single hall the most technologically advanced products on the market for urban hygiene outfits and for collecting and transporting solid and liquid waste: waste containers and compactors, sewer cleaning vehicles and street sweepers represent the main types of product.

Global Water Expo, area dedicated to the integrated water cycle, sewage networks and technologies for efficient use of water.

Eco Innovation and Industrial Symbiosis: the space that will host conventions and workshops as well as presenting opportunities for financing European industrial innovation in the arena of the green economy.

THE INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM FOR START-UPS - in the sectors of the green economy. One-to-one meeting between businesses, public and private bodies, industry operators, universities and institutions, for a circular economy.

Expo sectors

Waste treatment

Rimini will be hosting the most significant platform of equipment and machinery for the treatment of all types of waste. A special focus on the selection and recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. [continue]

Recycling and services

Ecomondo has been the most nationally-accredited platform for the recycling of materials and energy for 15 years. The exhibiting companies deal with the integrated management of waste, from the construction to the running of plants for the disposal, treatment, recovery and valorisation of urban, special, special hazardous waste... [continue]

Collection and removal

A broad range of skips and compactors for differentiated waste collection and storage units of various types and for different uses will be presented, for urban furnishing, domestic and special waste collection, with attention not just to functionality, but also to design and to the materials used... [continue]

Inert materials and Demolitions

Leaders in the earth moving and splitting industry, equipment for demolition, plants for the recycling of inert materials, components, plants and equipment for the recycling of bituminous conglomerate, which have recognised both its quality and value. [continue]


The objective of this edition is to find time for an exchange of opinions between researchers, technicians and designers, who are concentrating on the reclamation, conversion and requalification of former industrial areas. Attention will be placed on biomonitoring and sustainable and on-site reclamation technologies. [continue]

Water and air

Oro Blu, the exhibition dedicated to water treatment and re-use, will be focusing on the integrated water process, which includes the distribution of water intended for human consumption, the collection and transportation of waste water, the purification and possible final recovery for civil... [continue]

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Final Press Bulletin-RIMINI FIERA - A RECORD EDITION FOR THE GREEN ECONOMY EXPO:101,144 visitors (8.6% more than 2013)

1,200 companies the key players at Ecomondo, Key Energy, Key Wind, H2R, Cooperambiente and Condominio Eco. and in 2015 the SAL.VE. International expo dedicated to waste vehicles.

Rimini, 8th November 2014 – High-profile signs from Rimini Fiera: more innovation, more internationalization and more work. All under the banner of the green economy.
The four days dedicated to the environ
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