NEW IN 2015

SA.LVE: the urban hygiene vehicle biennial returns, in collaboration with ANFIA in a single hall the most technologically advanced products on the market for urban hygiene outfits and for collecting and transporting solid and liquid waste: waste containers and compactors, sewer cleaning vehicles and street sweepers represent the main types of product.

Global Water Expo, area dedicated to the integrated water cycle, sewage networks and technologies for efficient use of water.

Eco Innovation and Industrial Symbiosis: the space that will host conventions and workshops as well as presenting opportunities for financing European industrial innovation in the arena of the green economy.

THE INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM FOR START-UPS - in the sectors of the green economy. One-to-one meeting between businesses, public and private bodies, industry operators, universities and institutions, for a circular economy.

Expo sectors

Waste treatment and Moving

The Complete Waste Cycle is the Core Business of this event. The scarce supplies of raw materials and the impoverishment of the environment, in addition to the high procurement costs make the reuse and treatment of materials an increasingly profitable activity, and in keeping with the provisions of the European Directive. [continue]

Waste & Bio Waste - Recycling and services

Ecomondo is the B2B event for operators in the Mediterranean Basin on the most effective technological solutions to manage and exploit waste correctly in all its forms, as well as on the efficient use of resources and secondary raw materials. [continue]

Waste Collection and Transport

Considering the importance of road transportation of waste in Italy, and the focus placed on the safety of vehicles and on their environmental impact, this section has the objective of presenting industry specialists with all the major technological innovations... [continue]

Reclaim Expò

Reclaim Expo, "International Exhibition on Advance Reclamation Technologies for Contaminated Sites": application of sustainable bio-monitoring technologies, on site, in Europe and Italy and technological innovation. These are the topics addressed at the sixth Reclaim Expo, in 2013. [continue]

Integrated Water Cycle

Global Water Expo is the new exhibition section dedicated to all stages in the integrated water cycle supply chain, from collection to its return to the environment. Attention will be dedicated to qualitative and quantitative aspects of technology in relation to collection, purification for drinking and other purposes, distribution, sewerage and disposal or reuse. [continue]

Monitoring and treatment of air pollution

AIR, for 2015 the news of the national body of technical professionals on odorous emissions: the guidelines and technological innovations in the field of odours produced by waste treatment systems, the methodological approaches to the control of emissions... [continue]

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In the busy program of internationalization of the Rimini Fiera expo dedicated to green technologies there is also the announcement of a great strategic partnership

Rimini, 16th April 2015 – South Africa and South America: 2 new expos and 2 strategic areas for hitting the markets. In addition, a road map with 53 appointments on 4 continents to favour Italian enterprises´ b [continue]