Events Program

Ecomondo 2024 will host an extensive, high-quality programme of conferences and events exploring the main technological, regulatory and market innovations in the circular economy sectors in the main European and national industrial value chains.

The Technical Scientific Committee ensures the high quality and international nature of the content.

Every year, Ecomondo offers an extensive programme of conferences, seminars and events aimed at exploring the main technological, regulatory and market new developments in the following sectors:

to present and examine the degree to which Next Gen EU flagship projects have been implemented nationally, with a particular focus on the textile and food industries, agriculture, water services and the construction sector.

to present and examine the degree to which the circular economy has been adopted on a European and international level in terms of process and product efficiency, ecodesign, product reuse and repair, waste management and recycling in the textile, WEEE, plastics, paper-cardboard, automotive, agrifood and municipal organic waste sectors.

to present and examine the restoration and regeneration of soils, the hydrosphere and their ecosystems, in the EU and the Mediterranean area, with a particular focus on the sustainable production and valorisation of agro-food and agro-forestry resources, the sustainable use of water resources and the sea (blue economy) and the associated integrated management and valorisation of waste water.

Conferences and workshops will be organised on research and innovation, new regulations and procedures, investment and financing, training and communication, internationalisation, and the promotion of start-ups.

Also in 2024 Ecomondo will host the States General of the Green Economy, a multi-stakeholder process involving all relevant actors of green economy in Italy.

The initiative is promoted by the National Council of the Green Economy in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security and the European Commission. The States General aims to promote a shift in the Italian economy towards a green economy, so to develop opportunities for a sustained and sustainable development, recovering from the economic and climate crisis.