Opportunities in new circular business models

Oct 24, 2022
Product-as-a-service, repair services, life-extension strategies: we provide an overview of the new industrial strategies.

Measuring and certifying circularity

Oct 11, 2022
Companies, organisations and consulting firms have for some years been engaged in the search for standards that measure the level of circularity of activities and products. While some of these metrics and certifications assess individual aspects, creating a standard that measures the circular economy in its entirety is no easy challenge. ISO and other institutions, Italian and international, are seeking to join all the dots to reach a global vision.

Critical Raw Materials: the key challenge of the circular economy

Oct 3, 2022
Lithium, cobalt and rare earths play a pivotal role in laying the foundations for a competitive circular economy. This is why recycling electronic waste plays a key role.

Five circular economy start-ups that you will invest in

Oct 3, 2022
Innovation is the backbone of the circular transition. Emanuele Bompan, editor-in-chief of Renewable Matter, and circular economy expert Antonella Totaro have scouted all around the world five groundbreaking start-ups that will play a key role in the circular economy.

Renewables boom in North Africa? Still pending.

Aug 29, 2022
In North Africa, the renewables sector has great growth potential, but the market needs to be improved: rules, political stability and depowering the fossil sector.