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4th Report on Circular Economy in Italy

The 2022 Report by the Circular Economy Network comes at a unique time. A dramatic time, due to the events that characterized the last two years and are still making us hold our breath in the final days of the elaboration of this study. The seriousness of the events – at first the pandemic, then the invasion in Ukraine – had a significant economic impact. Reports show us a rise in the prices of a number of raw materials – and for some of them there are difficulties and delays in supplies – resulting in serious obstacles to the activities of many companies.

Implementation of the “Action Plan for a Digital Single Market of Water Services” in the context of the ICT4Water cluster

Report on the state of the Green Economy

The thematic focus of the 2021 Report on the State of the Green Economy of the Foundation analyzes the relationship between the green transition and the digital transition: the two pillars of the European Green Deal. Especially in the Italian debate, as compared to the European level, such pillars are presented and discussed as separated, particularly in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with little attention to their connections