Scientific Committee

Agronomist, Journalist and photographer semiprofessional
General Director of CIC, Italian Composting and Biogas Association
Vice Chair of ECN, European Compost Network


Mr. Centemero’s work focuses on source separated organic waste (SSOW), composting and anaerobic digestion plants, soil fertility and organic fertilisers use in agriculture. He carries out studies on optimization of SSOW and on fertilizers production in different ranges: growing media, soil improvers, organic fertilizers. He participates at WG on definition of characteristics of Compost and Digestate, technical standard, opportunity and conditions of use, experimental trial for reach good agronomical results. In Italy he wrote a “standard procedure” to improve the analysis of Organic Waste. He carries out researches in collaboration with Universities and Centre of Research. He takes part in WG with local and central administration for standard definition of compost and digestate quality and products from biological treatment. He carried out the programme of Quality Label of compost in Italy and he launched the bioplastics compostable certification label in Italy.

He is focused on EU legislation: Fertilisers Regulation, Landfill Directive, Packaging Directive, Waste Framework Directive, EU Ecolabel Decision.

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