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Researcher and Professor of Environmental Chemistry at the Department of Biology of the University of Bari Aldo Moro. Deputy Rector of the University of Bari to ‘Creativity and Innovation’, referent of ILO (Industrial Liaison Office) and 'One Stop Shop' Project. President of the Center of Excellence for Innovation and Creativity and coordinator of the BaLab - contamination lab of the University of Bari.

He was a director of the Simple Operative Unit 'Atmospheric Particulate and Olfactometry' of ARPA Puglia (Regional Agency for Prevention and Environmental Protection of Puglia).

His scientific activity is centered on the study of: the atmospheric chemistry, the air quality indoor and outdoor, and the analysis of the human aspect for the diagnosis of chronic diseases and the methodological aspects for assessing sustainability environmental of processes and products.

He is the Scientific Manager of the Project "VOC and ODOR" (assessment of emissions of volatile organic compounds and odorous impacts generated by new plants and new technologies for production systems" funded by Puglia region for the creation of networks of research laboratories)

 and of the Strategic Project SIMPA "Integrated System for Monitoring of Atmospheric Particulate".

He is the founder of the academic Spin Off LEnviroS, a value-added environmental services company, that experiments with innovative management models focused on the realization of 'personal dreams'.

Referee of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of University Education and Research. Member of the Advisory Commission Biocides of the Ministry of Health Member of the Biocidal. Member of the National Study Group on Odour.

He was Vice President of the Italian Aerosol Society. He was a member of the VIA Committee of the Puglia Region. President of the first three editions of Master of Science "The REACH and CLP value to the sustainability of production processes and the protection of health", at the University of Bari

He is author of more than 100 publications in international scientific journals with impact factor, and with some of them he collaborates as editor and referee.

Specializations: air quality, atmospheric chemistry and modeling, aerosol science, odor monitoring, indoor air, material emissions, breath analysis, sustainability, REACH Regulation.

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