Scientific Committee

Gianmarco GIORDA, born in Torino on 6/10/1972, where he graduated in Business and Economics. After being at DEUTSCHE BANK at Milan HQs (1998-2002) as Project Manager, he worked as Marketing Manager at ITP Invest in Turin and Piedmont at Turin HQs (2002- 2007), first Italian regional agency dedicated to attracting foreign investments towards Italy. As from 2007: Director of Operations at ANFIA (Italian Association of the Automotive Industry). Since December 2007 CEO of ANFIA Service S.r.l. (a services company operating in various sectors including Consultancy, Training, Conferences and Technical Publications on Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics).

As from 2012: Director of ANFIA; confirmed in 2013 as President and CEO of ANFIA Service S.r.l. In 2014 he becomes Vice President of ATA (Technical Automobile Association). In October 2017, he has been elected President of the Exhibition Committee of OICA, of whom ANFIA has been part for several years.


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