• Wednesday, November 6, 2024
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Memo
  • Mimosa Room B6 pav.
  • English
  • organized by Ecomondo STC & Italian Circular Bioeconomy Cluster SPRING

Scientific research and breakthrough biotechnological innovations offer solutions that create new synergies between the bio-based industry and the agri-food sector. These alliances go beyond the consolidated paradigm of expanding the use of agricultural, forest and marine biomass, which often raises concerns about possible competition between food security and industrial productivity. Rather, the bio-based industry can provide solutions to reduce the environmental impact of outdated and polluting agricultural practices, improve the safety of work activities, enable the production of healthier food, and promote the regeneration of degraded soils. At the same time, the biodiversity of land and sea can be preserved. The wider area encompassing southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin can greatly benefit from the innovations of the bio-based industry, which can mitigate the obvious consequences of overpopulation and climate change. Moreover, the experience gained in the implementation of the bio-economy and the bio-based industry in the Mediterranean basin can be a model for solving similar urgencies in other geographical areas of the world.


Session 1: Bioeconomy in the global scenario: the opportunities offered by sustainable bio-based economy transition

Lucia Gardossi, University of Trieste, board SPRING

Sustainable and circular bioeconomy for food systems transformation
Marta Gomez Sanjuan, FAO (TBC)

A global landscaper for sustainable bioeconomy implementation
Jim Philp, OECD (TBC)

The G20 Global Land Initiative
Speaker (TBD)

The Bioeconomy initiative within the G7 Italian presidency
Speaker (TBD)

Exploring new visions for a sustainable bioeconomy
Sarah Mubareka, JRC (TBC)


Session 2: Multi-actor implementation of Bioeconomy in the Mediterranean basin and beyond

Chair: Mario Bonaccorso, Director Cluster SPRING

The contribution of CBE JU
Virginia Puzzolo, CBE Joint Unter (TBC)

The Biomodel4Regions EU project
Speaker (TBD)

The BioInSouth EU project
Speaker (TBD)

Biobased innovation for sustainable agriculture and soil regeneration, European Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC)
Speaker (TBD)

Research and Innovation for more sustainable management of water and agri-food systems in the Mediterranean basin. Italian Tecnology Cluster fo Blue Growth “BIG”
Speaker (TBD)

Closure by the Chairs