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4.2 milion workers are needed.
Companies are looking for staff with green and digital skills but cannot find them.


This is the starting point for Ecomondo's new project dedicated to Green Jobs. ​

As part of the broader project dedicated to innovation, which includes young companies with Start-Up&Scale-Up, and Lorenzo Cagnoni Award, Green Jobs is a career guidance event for young students and/or recent graduates entering the world of work.​​

Aimed at young people who have just graduated from university, technical institutes and elsewhere, young professionals entering the world of work, and workers who want to turn their experience towards sustainability-related fields, with Green Jobs & Skills, Ecomondo provides a physical space for Green Job Dating and a day dedicated to skills, orientation and training.

Acting as a facilitator between employment supply and demand, Ecomondo organises speed dates between young people and companies to create synergies. The project highlights the need to involve the new generations, who are already very aware, making them an active part of the labour market and economic sectors linked to sustainability, but also aims to help companies that have always been part of the network.


The most recent Unioncamere-Anpal data tell us that the aptitude for energy saving and environmental sustainability will be in demand for about 4.2 million positions in 2022, accounting for 81.1% of the planned entries by companies. And, if we look only at the search for more specialised, medium-high green skills, the percentage is 41.7% of the entire labour market-

Division of competences according to the ESCO classification | Source: European commission 2022

This acceleration, which will continue in the coming years, can be attributed both to the post-pandemic recovery as well as to the PNRR interventions and more generally to European measures to support the economy.

Compared to other sectors, however, where labour market supply and demand struggle to meet, in sectors that need green skills the mismatch is due to the absence of adequately trained people.

Unioncamere estimated that demand on the green labour market for graduates and those with diplomas was 140,000 in May 2023 alone. These numbers illustrate the need for a targeted search to fill these roles on a national scale, which we know is a difficult task.

In order for an ecological transition to really take place on time and in the necessary manner, it is necessary to take action on the job front as well, and this is precisely what Italian Exhibition Group has decided to do from the next edition of Ecomondo, providing a space within the event dedicated to Green Jobs, so that supply and demand can meet on common ground.


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