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4.2 milion workers are needed.
Companies are looking for staff with green and digital skills but cannot find them.


This is the starting point for Ecomondo's new project dedicated to Green Jobs. ​​As part of the broader project dedicated to innovation, which includes young companies with Start-Up&Scale-Up, the Innovation District with the most innovative projects presented by the exhibiting companies and themed conferences, Green Jobs is a career guidance event for young students and/or recent graduates entering the world of work.


Regardless of the work policies adopted by institutions, Ecomondo fulfils its role as a facilitator by helping to bring together companies, public administrations and young people seeking a career direction or further specialisation.


Unlike other sectors in which labour market supply and demand do not match, the mismatch in sectors that need green skills is due to the absence of adequately trained professionals.

The direct and indirect stimulus produced by the post-pandemic recovery and, in particular, by the measures of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and other European initiatives to support the economy will most likely generate further demand for green professions and skills in the coming years, completely changing the face of the labour market.









                                           Division of competences according to the ESCO classification


Aimed at young people who have just graduated, students leaving technical institutes and others, Ecomondo brings together labour supply and demand, mainly by providing career guidance through one-to-one meetings between young people and companies. 

It will be an opportunity to sound out the direction of the labour market, understand which professionals are most in demand, and direct specialisations towards one sector rather than another.

Through an ad-hoc platform, young people can book interviews lasting approximately 5-7 minutes, submit CVs and be profiled in terms of training, skills and aptitudes (whether or not they take part in interviews).


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