How to publish the papers presented at Ecomondo 2018

Abstracts accepted for an oral or poster presentation may become:

 A) a 5/6-page article (in Italian or English) for publication on the Ecomondo's Acts, to be submitted by no later than September 12th 2018 (DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE) 

B) a full paper (6-10 pages) in English to be published in the international peer-reviewed journal Procedia - Environmental Science, Engineering and Management covered by International databases (no ISI, yet), to be submitted no later than September 19th 2018 (the Instructions can be found at: Procedia-ESEM).


C) a full paper (10-12 pages) in English in the international peer-reviewed Environmental Engineering Management Journal (IF: 1,2), to be submitted after Ecomondo and no later than December 31st 2018 (DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE).   

For OPTIONS A) and B), manuscripts should be drawn up in accordance with the instructions provided, and sent to Dr. Grazia Totaro, with in copy, strictly within the deadlines listed above and specifying in the email the preferred destination.

Those interested in OPTION C) should indicate their interest in publication to Dr. Grazia Totaro, with in copy, strictly no later than Sseptember 12th, specifying the title of the work (accepted as an abstract) which they would like to publish and their affiliation. The articles will be carefully assessed by international referees; those accepted, usually 50-60 % of those submitted, will be published in a special issue dedicated to Ecomondo 2018, due for release in June-July 2019.  

For information: Organisational Office: e-mail:;