Useful Info

From this year on, for the duration of the fair you can also use the SALTA-LA-CASSA CON CASHLESS CARD system in addition to the normal payment methods. Pick up your card as soon as you arrive at the fair, recharge it with the payment method of your choice (cash, credit card, debit card or satispay), and use it to pay for our food & beverage services by skipping the queue at the cash desk and taking advantage of dedicated food outlets.

► What is SALTA-LA-CASSA? 
It is one of the payment tools to access all our food and beverage services during Ecomondo.

How does it work?
When you enter the fair, at the cash points, you can collect your card free of charge and recharge it with an amount of your choice. There will be an operator who will take care of everything, you just have to enjoy the event without any worries.
Once your card has been recharged, you can use it to eat and drink as many times as you want (until your credit runs out), going to the refreshment points, thus avoiding queues and crowds at the cash desks.

►Where are the pick-up points? 
The points dedicated to the SALTA-LA-CASSA service are located in A0, B0, C6 and D6.

► How and how much can I recharge the card?​
Recharging is very simple: at the time of pick-up, you can already reload your card by the amount you want, using cash, credit cards, debit cards or Satispay. Once you have run out of credit, you can go to the cash desk again to reload it.
Recharge the card according to how many days you will be at the fair or how much you intend to consume, don't worry about the residue, you will be reimbursed.
Keep in mind that for every amount loaded equal to or greater than 20€ Ecomondo adds a 10% bonus.

What are the dedicated food points?
There will be dedicated food outlets for SALTA-LA-CASSA holders at the Bar in D0, the Piadineria in D0 and the Piadineria in C0.
At all other food outlets you will still be able to use the service, so do not make a receipt, but you will not benefit from a dedicated queue for pick-up and ordering.

How do I monitor my payments?
Tracking your payments is easy: with your smartphone you can scan the QR code on your card to track your purchases and remaining credit in real time.

► Is the card valid for all days of the fair?
Yes, once collected at the cash points it can be used to buy food and drinks for all the days of Ecomondo.

How can I be refunded?
From 3 p.m. on each day of Ecomondo, you can claim your refund at the two points dedicated exclusively to SALTA-LA-CASSA in A0 and B0.
Don't want to queue? There is also the online refund!
From 13 November 2023 until 13 December 2023 you have time to check your remaining balance and submit your refund request via IBAN.
All you need is the card, on the back you will find the code for the refund.
Remember: the 10% given away by Ecomondo will not be included in the refund.

► How can I can get an invoice? How and when?
If you are an exhibitor who has ordered the card via a dedicated form, you will receive the invoice when you collect the card.
If, on the other hand, you purchased the card at one of our recharge points, you will only need to request an invoice when you recharge the card. In case you forget, don't worry: return with your receipt to the recharge point and it will be converted directly into an invoice by one of our operators.

► Can I also use the Card for other events?
No, at this moment the SALTA-LA-CASSA CON CASHLESS CARD is not reusable for other events.