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5 Under 30 who have revolutionized the circular economy

Sep 14, 2023
Innovation, long-term vision, multidisciplinarity. Three aspects that simultaneously become necessary to abandon the "old" linear economy model and define the characteristics of the new generations of entrepreneurs. As evidence of the advancing new era, here are 5 under 30 individuals who are contributing to revolutionizing the world of the circular economy.

A Powerful Equation: The Interplay of Resources in Africa's Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Sep 12, 2023
At the core of Africa's sustainable development challenge lies a multifaceted puzzle, where the crucial pieces of water, energy, and food deeply intertwine. These elements are the linchpin of progress and prosperity, as well as the backbone of sustainable and climate-resilient communities.

Plastic pollution in the sea: causes, consequences and solutions

Aug 17, 2023
Seas and oceans are vital lungs of our planet, regulate the climate, and are cradles of biodiversity. Plastic, used everywhere because of its versatility, does not biodegrade easily, and its excessive accumulation in the seas and oceans is compromising their function and has become a major problem.

Circular Economy in China – Past, present, future

Jul 31, 2023
“The climate crisis is a universal threat that must be separated from politics”. These were the words of John Kerry, U.S. envoy for climate and former Secretary of State, during a diplomatic mission to Beijing, China, on July 19.

PFAS: A hasty general ban could have dire consequences for the Waste Management industry

Jul 28, 2023
Several Member States of the European Union have proposed a general ban on a group of chemicals known as PFAS. In order to give Member States a better overview of the situation, FEAD will conduct a critical review of ECHA’s study.