Exhibition Sectors

This is the sector of Ecomondo dedicated to remediation technologies and the management of contaminated sites.

In partnership with the sector’s key players, halls C2, C1 and D1 host companies that carry out decommissioning activities for the reuse of brownfield sites, disused industrial areas, and run-down and abandoned districts, whose remediation and reuse is now a major challenge for Europe and Italy.

Alongside these groups, Ecomondo will feature all the companies and technologies working in prevention systems and solutions for hydro-geological risk and major climate risks, flooding and coastal erosion.


Multinationals, companies, SMEs involved in:

  • remediation and regeneration of contaminated sites; 
  • reducing land consumption, redevelopment and reuse of brownfield sites; 
  • environmental damage prevention and emergency response.


In its 2020 report Caring for Soil is Caring for Life, the European Commission reported that 60-70% of all European soils are unhealthy due to current management practices, pollution, urbanisation and the effects of climate change

What numbers are we talking about?​
25% of the land in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe is at high or very high risk of desertification, while the current rate of land reuse is stuck at 13%. The estimated costs associated with soil degradation in the EU exceed EUR 50 billion a year.

Soil health is a key element of the Green Deal to support Europe's growth with the goal of achieving zero net soil consumption by 2050. 

Against an increasingly uncertain economic and geopolitical backdrop, in which Europe and Italy are facing a growing scarcity of raw materials, restoring the health of our soils, curbing their degradation and consumption will be crucial to increasing our self-sufficiency and supporting Italy’s industrial relaunch.

Today, in Italy, more than a quarter of land is degraded, and the country to lose approximately 2 sqm/second through soil consumption. Ecomondo and the debate that will be held within its congress schedule will therefore focus on land reclamation and sustainable management, with the aim of combining the needs of environmental reclamation and health and safety requirements with acceptable costs and the economic recovery of reclaimed areas.

A particular focus will be on the concept of ecological transition applied to the reclamation of polluted sites. There were also be reference to the now indispensable amendments to the regulations in force that, on the one hand, supplement the considerable technical/scientific development of the sector and, on the other, enable procedures to be truly simplified.




Exhibition Manager

Mauro Delle Fratte

Sales Account

Filippo Villanelli